Give Today, and Together We'll Rise.

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Rise To The Occasion

More than an uplifting tagline, RISE is a mantra. For our hospital. For our staff. Rising to meet the needs of the community - the very foundation on which Baton Rouge General was built.

This campaign is the next step in our call to rise to the occasion at hand and meet the needs of the people who call Baton Rouge home. Through new equipment, facilities and renovations that expand our volume of care, we are taking care of our whole community; and with your help, we can elevate that care to new heights.

Give today, and together we'll rise.

Areas Of Focus

From life-saving cancer equipment and groundbreaking burn care to a new neighborhood hospital and everyday outpatient needs, we’re redefining what it means to care for our community. For more than 100 years, we’ve assumed this responsibility; and with your help, together we’ll rise.


Emergency Care

In the early 1900s, a train derailment in downtown Baton Rouge required an unprecedented level of response. Dr. T.P. Singletary was there to rise to the occasion, and out of that emergency, Baton Rouge General was born. Every day since we have risen to meet the critical needs of our community. With your support, we are expanding our capacity for care through the addition of a neighborhood hospital in Ascension. We are broadening our reach to service this growing community of 125,000 so that when they need us for critical care, we will be there.

Give today, and together we’ll rise.

"Baton Rouge General has a very special place in our hearts - it's where miracles, hope, and medicine collide..." - Jessica, ICU Patient

New facilities, like our neighborhood hospital in Ascension, expand our volume of care and allow us to serve our whole community.

What your contributions will go to:

Ascension Neighborhood Hospital

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As Baton Rouge’s first comprehensive cancer program, the Pennington Cancer Center is the mark of progress for advanced care in our city. Your support will go directly to continuing to provide our patients with the latest technology and treatments such as a new PET CT scanner and an additional linear accelerator. Technology like this allows us to further our mission of seeing our city, our community, and our region cancer free.

Give today, and together we’ll rise.

“I really saw the importance of people and friendship and how it’s deep and meaningful.” – Kristy, Wife of Cancer Patient at Baton Rouge General

With the latest technology and treatments, we can further our mission of seeing our city, our community and our region cancer free.

Pennington Cancer Center – Mid City, Bluebonnet, Zachary

What your contributions will go to:

  • New PET CT scanner for the most advanced diagnostic imaging
  • Additional Linear Accelerator for life-saving radiation treatment
  • Savi Scout to make lumpectomies easier for patients and surgeons
  • New Biopsy table for minimally invasive, targeted procedures
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As Baton Rouge was emerging and responding to the needs of the community, the need for specialized burn care was clear. Baton Rouge General was there to rise to the occasion, opening our Regional Burn Center in 1970. Today, it is the region’s only verified burn center, and we have a responsibility to ensure that the quantity and quality of care lives up to that distinction.

With your support, renovations to our Regional Burn Center will enable us to continue caring for patients at an even greater level. The new center includes more beds to increase capacity and a rooftop therapy garden, offering burn survivors a safe and comfortable way to ease back into the world around them.

Give today, and together we’ll rise.

“ We became a family inside that 45-day stay at Baton Rouge General. It was just a blessing.” – Antoine, Ace’s Father

Our brand new burn center will boast features like the recovery garden, geared specifically to give burn survivors a safe and secure way to reintegrate with the world around them.

What your contributions will go to:

Regional Burn Center

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Specialty Care

For a community hospital like Baton Rouge General, we put equal weight on the emergency and everyday needs of the people in our community. With your help, we can continue to make it easy to access outpatient care, like new same-day surgery suites, physician offices, and rehab in our Center for Health. And by expanding further to areas like Ascension Parish, we’re making standard and specialized care available to all.

Give today, and together we’ll rise.

With facilities like our Center for Health and Ascension neighborhood hospital, we’re advancing both standard and specialized care in our community.

What your contributions will go to:

Center for Health,
Bluebonnet Campus

  • Six-suite outpatient surgery center
  • Physician offices and clinic space
  • Outpatient rehab services
  • Graduate Medical Education Programs

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